1. A general scholarship is given to each student by the college. The net fee to be paid by each student are listed after deducting the scholarship amount.

2. Work scholarship can be availed by each student according to the number of hours they opt to work. An amount of rupees 100 shall be given for each hour of work, which can go up to a maximum of 20 hours (rupees 2000) per month. The work scholarship will be deducted from the total fees of the student.

3. Academic scholarships are awarded to students who secure a minimum average of A- grade (more than 67.5% for Senate students and 70% for ATA students) in the subjects they register for an academic year. These scholarships are typically granted upon the completion of the first year of studies. Initially, academic scholarships are awarded for one semester. However, students who maintain an average grade of A- in subsequent semesters have the opportunity to renew their scholarships.

4. In addition, scholarships for financially weak students are offered by the college. The award of the scholarship to the students will be at the discretion of the college and as per the availability of funds.