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Welcome To Bethel Bible College

Bethel Bible College is the first Pentecostal Theological Institution in India.

Bethel Bible College is an official institution of the Assemblies of God under the Malayalam District Council of the South India Assemblies of God (SIAG). Founded in 1927, the college holds the distinction of being India's first Pentecostal Theological Institution. It was established in Kerala by the Division of World Missions of the Assemblies of God (USA). Originally known as Bethel Bible School, it was pioneered by Rev. John H. Burgess, a missionary who dedicated his life to spreading the gospel in India. Bethel Bible School began its functioning in Mavelikara, offering a three-year ministry training program. Over time, the school was shifted to different places and finally, it was located in Punalur in 1950, where it stands today.

Bethel Bible College (BBC) has grown significantly since its inception, equipping numerous ministers who now serve the Lord in various locations worldwide. Initially, the College offered a certificate course in theology and a one-year training program for women. Later the college began offering a three-year Diploma in Theology with the accreditation of Asia Theological Association (ATA). In 1982, the Board of Directors decided to upgrade the institution to the level of a college by introducing a Bachelor of Theology degree, which was accredited by ATA in 1985. Subsequently, the college introduced Master of Divinity program in 1995 and Master of Theology program in 2005, which were accredited by ATA in 1998 and 2012 respectively.

In November 2022, Bethel Bible College achieved a major milestone by receiving provisional affiliation from the Senate of Serampore College (University). This momentous step was taken upon the realization by the Board of Directors that affiliation with the Senate of Serampore (SS) was imperative for the institution's future and the holistic development of its students in theological and ministerial spheres.

Commencing this academic year (2023-24), the College is offering a range of distinguished programs. These include the Master of Theology (two years) under the ATA, Bachelor of Theology program (three years), Bachelor of Divinity program (five years for plus two passed and four years for graduates). With these courses, Bethel Bible College aims to impart an enhanced spiritual, theological, and ministerial education to its students. The affiliation with the Senate of Serampore is expected to significantly elevate the caliber of students' spiritual, theological, and ministerial education.

Rev. John Harry Burges

Our Founder

Administration And Faculty

The governance of Bethel Bible College is overseen by the Board of Directors, who provide guidance and direction for the institution. The day-to-day operations and management of the college are carried out by the principal and the faculty, who ensure the smooth functioning of the academic programs, student affairs, and other administrative aspects.

Our Publications

Bethel publishes "Conviction," a theological journal released twice a year and an annual magazine.

Lydia Fellowship

The ladies’ prayer group on the campus, ‘Lydia Fellowship’ plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of Bethel.

Alumni Association

Bethel Bible College is proud of its alumni, who are serving the Lord in different parts of the world as missionaries, leaders, and pastors. The college has a lively alumni association, fostering a lifelong connection and a sense of belonging among graduates.