Four year Degree Program for Graduates & 5 year Degree program for +2 passed.

The Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) program is a four/five-year degree program designed to prepare students for the foundations and fundamentals of theological education. The program is of a duration of four years for secular graduates, two years for B.Th. graduates and a five-year integrated program (called I.B.D or Integrated Bachelor of Divinity) for students who join soon after their higher secondary education. The BD program is intended to prepare the students with ministerial training and theological education to serve the Church and the society.


  • i) A candidate who has passed Higher Secondary examination (+2) or its recognized equivalent program [e.g., all Diploma Courses (after completing 10 th standard) with a minimum of two years duration, such as ITI, Nursing, Hotel Management etc., recognized by the Govt. Education Department, considered to be equivalent to 12 th standard]. Such a candidate shall be eligible for the 5 year B.D. degree program.

  • ii) A Candidate who has completed a Bachelor or Post Graduate Degree from a recognized University shall be admitted to the eligible for the 4 year B.D. degree program.

  • iii) A degree holder of a Bachelor of Theology/ Bachelor of Missiology/Bachelor of Christian Studies, irrespective of their overall grades, shall be enrolled in the 3 rd year of 4 years B.D. degree program. For details of the requirements, please contact the Registrar.

  • iv) A mature candidate, who has attained 25 years of age; have minimum qualification of 10 th standard, have three years of ministerial experience; and passed Mature Candidate Entrance Examination of the Senate of Serampore College held in the month of October/November, shall be admitted to the 1 st year of 4 year B.D. degree program.

  • v) Candidates having Diploma in Christian studies from the Senate of Serampore College, securing an overall 40% average with Higher Secondary (HSE/PU/PDC) or its equivalent qualification are eligible to register in 1 st year of 4 year BD degree program. They have to pass the English qualifying Examinations held in the month of October/November (if he/ she has not passed English as a compulsory subject in +2 under the Board Examination).